A Big Thank you! For all the love!

Hey guys, Alessio Vinassa here. At least a few of you guys must have noticed the news buzz happening around right now about my upcoming project. It is a project I had in mind for quite some time to upgrade the way payment platforms work, especially in the developing countries.

Ever since I have announced the launch, we have been getting tons of media attention and I can’t tell you enough how grateful we are for all the exposure and support. We have got plenty of news coverage from prominent media platforms including The USA Today and Reuters.

The project is basically, to build a platform that provides more immediate and effortless method of financial interaction; an advanced software programming of payment systems. To help the banking services know their customers and trust them. Which can help the customer to feel understood, that any doubt or problem solved can be an easy and pleasant experience.

There were lots of questions as well from people all around the world and to provide them with more information, I have also done and interview with the Startup Fortune team.

I am also really grateful for the TechCrunch team for publishing my business profile and details of the company Amaar on their crunchbase network.

Good and busy days ahead, thank you again for all the support. Really excited and can’t wait to let you all experience the new platform real soon.
Ciao! Alessio Vinassa

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